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Note that handouts written my Dr. Fudge have a Greenville address. The correct address is the Taylors SC PO Box.

File NameDescription / Comment
Algal Toxins in Aquaculture
Ammonia in Pond Systems
Antibiotics Ornamental Fish Aquaculture
Aquaculture and the Lacey Act
Aquaculture Food Safety Residues 2003
Aquaculture Overview
Aquaculture Realities of Getting Started
Arowana, Raising in Aquaculture
Avian Predation Control
Avian Predators Southern Aquaculture
B Baitfish
Baitfish Feeds and Feeding Practices
Baitfish Production
Biosecurity and Fish Health Monitoring
Biosecurity Plan
Biosecurity Protection Fish Operations
Biosecurity- importance in intensive culture
Calculating Volumes Ponds and Tanks
Catfish Farmers Handbook
Catfish Production Cost, Small Producer
Channel Catfish
Characterization of Effluents from SE US Aquacultu
Columnaris Disease
Diet Requirement Golden Shiners and Goldfish
Dissolved Oxygen Measurement in Aquaculture
Enteric septicemia in catfish
Feeding Catfish in Commercial Ponds
Fertilization of Freshwater Ponds
Fish Killing, Slaughter and Euthanasia
Fish Nutrition
Forage Species Description Life History
Forage Species Returns on Investment
Forbidden Drugs in Aquaculture
Freshwater Parasites
Gourami Production
HC Aquatic Animal Export
Hybrid Striped Bass
Managing Fish Ponds for Fishing
Managing High pH in Freshwater Ponds
Medicated Feeds Food fish
Mold/Aflatoxin Fish Feeds
Monogenean Parasites
Mycobacterial Diseases Fish
Nematodes in Fish
Nitrite in Fish Ponds
Online Aquacultural Calculations
Ornamental Fish Shipping Practices
Oxygen Depletion in Ponds
pH C02 Alk Hardness in Ponds
Pond Aeration
Pond Culture of Tilapia
Quick Ref Guide Approved Aquaculture Drugs FDA 201
Recirculating Aquaculture Systems 2
Recirculating Aquaculture Systems 3
Recirculating Aquaculture Systems Gen Reco 1
Red Sore Disease in Game Fish
Response to Suspected Toxic Fish Kill
Salt Use in Aquaculture
Species Profile Koi and Goldfish
Spring Viremia Carp
Stress in Fish Disease
Treatment Calculations Ponds and Tanks

Mobile Veterinary Services

Birds & Fish
PO Box 1274
Taylors, SC 29687
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