Mobile Veterinary Services for Birds and Fish Files - 'Pet and Aviary Bird Resources'http://birddoctor.evetsites.netMobile Veterinary Care for Pet & Aviary Birds; Poultry & Waterfowl Mobile Veterinary Services for Ornamental & Pond Fish; AquacultureAfrican Grey Parrot African Grey Parrotsfile/58343/African Grey ParrotAmazon Parrots Amazon Parrotsfile/58344/Amazon ParrotsAtherosclerosis in Parrots, Risk Factors and Incid of a long, technical read but a very large retrospective report. Actually a huge problem in parrots, with Amazons and African Grey Parrots at the top of the list. Chronic malnutrition (still very common) and lack of exercise are leading risk factors, while wild cockatoos, with proper nutrition (wild) and plenty of exercise showed no cardiovascular pathology. Atherosclerosis can take years to develop unnoticed until presented in crisis mode, for veterinary evaluation. Advanced imaging techniques show that most African Grey "house parrots" have atherosclerosis by 10 years of agefile/62407/Atherosclerosis in Parrots, Risk Factors and IncidAvian Feather Loss Feather Lossfile/58354/Avian Feather LossAvian Feather Loss, underlying factors Feather Loss, underlying factorsAvian First Aid First Aidfile/58356/Avian First AidAvian Health Exam Health Examfile/58357/Avian Health ExamAvian Injury Prevention Injury Preventionfile/58358/Avian Injury PreventionAvian Signs of Illness Signs of Illnessfile/58364/Avian Signs of IllnessBasic Bird Care Bird Carefile/58345/Basic Bird CareBehavior Behaviorfile/58346/BehaviorBudgies (Common Parakeet) (Common Parakeet)file/58347/Budgies (Common Parakeet)Canaries Parrot Parrotfile/58353/Eclectus ParrotFinches Avian Behavior Program Avian Behavior ProgramHow to Convert your Pet Bird to a Formulated Diet is a classic method that Dr. Fudge recommends for many birds. During an exam consultation, other methods may be found to be more effective.file/56511/How to Convert your Pet Bird to a Formulated DietLories Your Parrot's Lifestyle handout produced by Scott Ford DVM Dip ABVP-Avian, Milwaukee, Wisconsinfile/50684/Managing Your Parrot's LifestyleParrot & Pet Bird diet manufacturers of these offer seed-based diets, in addition to formulated diets. We recoimmend only the formulated diets.file/50690/Parrot & Pet Bird diet manufacturersProper Nutrition For your Pet Bird 2014 of Dr. Fudge's pet bird diet recommendationsfile/48845/Proper Nutrition For your Pet Bird 2014Quaker Parrots Parrotsfile/58363/Quaker ParrotsWhen to Call the Veterinarian for your Bird to Call the Veterinarian for your Birdfile/58365/When to Call the Veterinarian for your Bird